Thai Woman in Trouble

Thai Woman Might Face Death For Swallowing Ecstasy Pills!

A sad fate has come upon a woman who was caught carrying ecstasy pills on her stomach in Bali’s international airport.

24-yearl old Sophawat Ueamduean can be faced with a punishment of death penalty because of an attempt to smuggle 1,280 ecstasy pills to a resort island in Bali. According to authorities, the Thai woman was nervous when she arrived in the airport and was having a bad stomach which was followed by a body search.

When she was brought to the hospital, the doctors were shocked to find 1,280 ecstasy pills in her stomach, which weighted around a pound and costs $50,000. The pills were wrapped in a plastic that she swallowed at around 90 times.

She explained that she was a dancer in Bangkok, and that she needed money badly. Then as Israeli man offered her money in exchange that she swallows the pills and smuggle it to the island. Under Indonesian drug laws, she could be faced with two punishments: life imprisonment or death penalty by a firing squad.

This is indeed a sad fate for the woman and the Israeli man should be arrested too because he was the one who owned the drugs. I hope the Indonesian governmentwould consider a bit lighter rule because she was just a drug mule who needed money when the one who should be heavily punished is the man.


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