Farmville !! Just a Waste !!

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‘Farmville.. Just a waste ‘

I am sure that all the Farmville lovers will be against this post.. but this is true.. indeed I m a Farmville player and I too oppose it.. but if we  see this point with the some  seriousness then I may say that it’s absolutely correct..

Ya it’s true.. we waste so much time on this game !!.. but what we get in return ??.. nothing !!
And looking to the point Zynga ( the maker of Farmville ) is holding revenue of more than $850 Million !!
That’s truly shocking !! and reportedly zynga is valued at $20 billion !!  and owing only 2000 employes..

We spend som much time on game and what we get in return ?? just a good-looking farm.. so that we can show off..

The Science Behind People Wasting Time And Money On Farmville

Not only this.. you will be shock to read the below story !! and for sake.. i have given top 10 reasons to leave farmville.. so check them out.. and please share the post ..

Here is a shocking story about a family who lost there savings… and didnt got it back

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A mother has warned of the risk of children spending hundreds of pounds on “free” online games available through Facebook after her 12-year-old son ran up bills of more than £900 without her knowledge.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, discovered last month that her son had spent more than £900 on FarmVille. He had emptied his own savings account of £288 and had used her credit card to the tune of £625 to pay the bills.

FarmVille, one of the most popular games on Facebook, allows members to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting crops, trees and livestock. New users are given virtual coins to set up their farm, and the revenue from matured crops can be used to maintain it. But those who are desperate to progress more quickly can buy extra virtual coins using real cash.

The mother said: “The first use of my card was on 14 March. I discovered it on the 29th and the card was stopped at that point. Any transactions after that date were already in the system, so what I thought was a £427 spend turned into £625 over the next few days.

“The total spend is about £905, but the credits are still rolling in. And Shockingly Facebook and Zynga will not refund anything as  lives in my house. Facebook has disabled his account and Zynga has unhelpfully suggested I use password protection on computers in the future.”

She contacted her credit card company, HSBC, but was told she would only qualify for a refund if she reported her son to the police and obtained a crime number. “He would be cautioned and I have been told that this caution would stay with him. Obviously the idea of a stupid farm simulation jeopardising his future earnings is not something that I want to consider,” she said.

She added that her son was “very shocked” when confronted with the amount he had spent, but it was clear he knew what he was doing. “When I asked him why he did it he said that they had brought out ‘good stuff that I wanted’.”

She does not blame Facebook, Zynga or HSBC, saying that her son was the one using the card and is entirely at fault. But she added: “I do think they need to shoulder some responsibility in this business and put systems in place to stop this happening again. The fact that he was using a card in a different name should bring up some sort of security and the online secure payment filter seems to be bypassed for Facebook payments.”

A spokeswoman for HSBC said that had the credit card been used on a gambling site it would have started alarm bells ringing for “unusual usage”. But because the card had been used to buy Facebook credits HSBC did not consider the transactions to be suspicious, even though £625 was spent in just two weeks.

Michael Arrington, founder of the Techcrunch blog, criticised Zynga last year for “monetising” the game, and warned that people who didn’t have access to a credit card to buy extra virtual money could use “pay by mobile” companies instead.

The indebted 12-year-old has not used his mobile to pay for virtual money, his mother said, but only because his older brother lost all his credit buying a ringtone a couple of years ago.

“We sound terribly technologically unaware don’t we? I wouldn’t mind but I am always explaining that all of these online offers, ringtones and games are a scam designed to take money off stupid people. Kids know best though.”

I hope by this story.. people using credit/debit cards will think not use the real money..

And Here are the 10 reasons why you should leave farmville and other online games  !!

1. Let me start simply. Like any addictive game, Farmville has become such a waste of time. When I stopped to actually think of how much time I spend on this game, between actual gameplay and sending gifts to friends, it amounts to at least one hour per day. One hour that can be spent working out, napping, or practicing guitar. It is just insane for me to think that it should be normal to spend this amount of time on a GAME.

2. After months of convincing from my friends, I finally gave in and did what I swore I would never do and joined the world of Farmville. I was downright ashamed. But I will admit, I instantly saw the game’s appeal. At first, when the game starts you off at the lowest level, you advance at rapid speed. After one full harvest, you’re up a level. You think, “Wow, I could get far in this.” This is aside from the lovely fact that the game showers you with endless gifts and freebies while you are a newbie. You are awarded ribbons and coins for practically no reason at all. My initial motivations when playing were that I wanted to reach the highest level, have the largest and fanciest farm (Farmville allows for much customization – also appealing), and to strategically beat out all of my friends who have been playing for months! My plans were working quickly at first. When you reach level 20 though, it’s a slow ride from there. Which leads me to number 3.

3. Farmville is a waste of money. I don’t care what anyone says — EVERYONE who has reached a high level in Farmville has pulled out their credit card at some point. When you reach a slow point and there is hardly any action occurring like it used to, you trick yourself into paying money for Farm Cash. You buy yourself some shiny pretty new things. After all, most of the nice items in Farmville can only be purchased for a ridiculous amount of Farm Cash that can NEVER be obtained from gameplay alone. You see these amazing items every time you visit the market and after a while you get tired of simply seeing them there. Voila — you buy them.

4. I don’t know about any other game players out there, but I’ve watched some of my Farmville friends get really stirred up and angry over this GAME, this 3D world. I’ve read many a rant in status updates – “IM SICK AND TIRED OF SENDING PPL GIFTS AND THEM NOT SENDING THEM BACK AND PEOPLE NOT FERTILIZING MY CROPS RAAWWWR.” Are you kidding me? Way to regress from being “adults” to preschool kids again…

5. Competition in games is nice, but Farmville has gotten way too competitive for my liking. I find it sad that when I share a mystery egg, it will be gone in .2 seconds. I find it even sadder that there will always be that person to comment, “Dammit, it’s gone!!” It just kind of gives me the feeling that we’re living in famine, all scrambling to beat each other out. Of course, this is an exaggeration of the situation, but I wanted to explain the feel of the game.

6. Farmville puts out new collections too frequently, and doesn’t switch up their gifts often enough. What if I don’t want to send my friends a white chicken or a goose? Once in a blue moon when Farmville does put out a new gift, you have to go to to send it. Why? What is the point in this? Frustration is the only one I see. Meanwhile, new collections are being spit out at the speed of light, and good luck actually “collecting.” Most collection items can only be bought for an insane amount of Farm Cash, leading back to my point number 3.

7. Farmville cannot be hacked. When a hack does come out, the game catches up within a very, very short time. To me, this is extremely boring. What is a game without a little old hackin’ here and there? It never hurt anybody. Some of the most epic games that I’ve played had cheats and hacks. To me, this just proves that Farmville is very non-epic.

8. Ironically, or maybe to make up for the lack of cheats, Farmville is infested with bugs. It will become super slow on you out of nowhere, sometimes even freezing your computer. Then there’s the good old “Farmville has been enhanced – please refresh your page” message right after you’ve clicked every single darn plot on your farm, clicked on every single tree to be harvested, and clicked on 60 kitties to be brushed. Which all took you 30 whole minutes. (refer to point 1) Need I say more about this point?

9. This is a minor point, but one that irked me nonetheless. Most items cannot be rotated. After finally buying a house, fancy decoration, or vehicle, you realize it can only face a certain way. Bummer.

10. Those Horse Stable and Horse Stable-like buildings where you are provided the skeleton and your friends must send you the rest of the 50 materials. Those are SO ANNOYING to build. Even if you deleted yours and you aren’t participating, it’s all you will see in your mini-feed all month long. “Please send me this and please send me that.” Unless you of course blocked all Farmville updates from your feed, in which case you wouldn’t be able to collect eggs, kitties, coins, or any other goodies needed to advance in the game.

These were my personal reasons for hating the game. I realize that many people out there love this game, and even love the things that bothered me about it. If you like spending your time playing this game, don’t mind the bugs, and you don’t mind paying real money to play, well then… enjoy. Don’t forget to send back gifts to each and every one of your friends that gifted you, or you might have to sleep with one eye open. You know it’s true.


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