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Farmville !! Just a Waste !!

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‘Farmville.. Just a waste ‘

I am sure that all the Farmville lovers will be against this post.. but this is true.. indeed I m a Farmville player and I too oppose it.. but if we  see this point with the some  seriousness then I may say that it’s absolutely correct..

Ya it’s true.. we waste so much time on this game !!.. but what we get in return ??.. nothing !!
And looking to the point Zynga ( the maker of Farmville ) is holding revenue of more than $850 Million !!
That’s truly shocking !! and reportedly zynga is valued at $20 billion !!  and owing only 2000 employes..

We spend som much time on game and what we get in return ?? just a good-looking farm.. so that we can show off..

The Science Behind People Wasting Time And Money On Farmville

Not only this.. you will be shock to read the below story !! and for sake.. i have given top 10 reasons to leave farmville.. so check them out.. and please share the post ..

Here is a shocking story about a family who lost there savings… and didnt got it back

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Top 10 ways to get Fired…

Top 10 Ways to Get Fired

Most people start their jobs with the best of intentions, never thinking they could be fired. After all, that’s a fate reserved primarily for incompetents and workers caught with their hand in the company till, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how slippery the slope out the door can be.

To guard your job security, be sure to avoid the 10 common pitfalls on this checklist from Jennifer Star, a New York City-based corporate recruiter and trainer:

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Stripper teaches art to school kids

She teaches art to kids during the day and performs “Fairy Tales for Adults” at night. A scandal has rocked a school in a Russian city when it surfaced that a teacher-intern dances striptease at a night club.

It all started when a school girl was walking down the street in the centre of Yaroslavl and glanced at a poster advertising a strip dancing show, “Fairy Tales for Adults”, at a new night club.

Natasha attends a teacher training college in the city of Yaroslavl, and gets practical experience giving art lessons at local schools.

The 22-year-old is also dancing striptease at one of the local clubs.

Natasha tried to keep her nocturnal activities a secret – but the strip club plastered posters, depicting her and other strip girls, right across town.

The seventh grader was really surprised when she recognized a sexy looking girl on the photo as her teacher of World Artistic Culture.

The student made several shots of the ad with her mobile phone and showed them to her mum. And that’s when all the fuss over the story began.

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Students discover teacher’s naughty past

Porn star turned school teacher Tera Myers aka Rikki Andersin has resigned from her position after students discovered videos from her past career in the porn industry.

A science teacher at Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri, Myers had been initially put on suspension by the school board when the news came out. But, the pressure and public disapproval was too much and she opted to resign.

We’re surprised, very surprised. At the same time we feel for her and her family. We do believe she has tried to move on with her life… Unfortunately, even though it happened 15 years ago, [the video] is still there,” Paul Tandy, a spokesman for the Parkway School District, told the New York Daily News.

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