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Android Tablet for 13k ???

Reliance Communications (RCom) has forayed into the tablet computer market with the launch of an Android-based 3G Tablet, priced aggressively at Rs. 12,999. The Reliance 3G Tab has been sourced from Chinese telecom company ZTE and is custom built for the Reliance network.

The Reliance 3G Tab has a seven-inch display with Android 2.3 OS. The device comes with a 512 MB RAM and a micro SD external storage that can support up to 32GB storage capacity. The tablet has a 2MP rear camera and a frontal camera for video calling. The Reliance tab supports a number of Android features such as document viewing/editing. Other notable features of the tablet are email on the go, Mobile TV, voice calling, GPS and video streaming.

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Facebook to be hacked !!!

NEW DELHI: A group of hackers, claiming to be part of Anonymous, has said it will “kill” Facebook on November 5. The group has posted a video on Facebook saying the social networking websites has poor privacy policies and it is not acceptable.

“Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed,” a speaker said in the video. The group claimed Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world

However, Anonymous, the hacker collective, which in recent months has gained attention its due to its politically-motivated virtual attacks, has clarified on its Twitter account that it is not related to the group threatening attack on Facebook.

zuckerberg talkingAfter the news on “attack on Facebook” spread, @anonops, a Twitter account associated with Anonymous, claimed: “OpFacebook is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of Anonymous agrees with it.”

Incidentally, November 5 is the Guy Fawkes Day in Britain. The event was used symbolically in the anti-establishment Hollywood film V For Vendetta. The mask – called Guy Fawkes mask – used by the hero of that film has seen its popularity rise in recent years after Anonymous adopted it as the group’s symbol.



Pierre Cardin Android Tablet


Pierre Cardin Android Tablet

Pierre Cardin, one of the world’s most famous fashion empires, has launched a new Android Tablet that combines the elegant design with the user-friendly technology. The gadget supports 3G and WiFi capability, a USB port, and a multitouch capacitive screen. The Pierre Cardin Android tablet comes equipped with a tasteful case and an exclusive black gift box. If you are interested, you can purchase the Pierre Cardin Android tablet for £275 or $447. More pictures after the jump.

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Google Plus… Brief Review .. :D

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Google+ Logo

Let’s be honest: we hated Google Wave. If we’re really, really honest, we didn’t even understand Wave. No-one did.

Deep down, most people unlucky enough to access Google’s first stab at a Facebook-stomping killer social network didn’t know what the hell it was for. And even if they did, they had no idea how to use it. When it didn’t freeze your browser into an immovable slab of ice, that is.

And while Wave befuddled the few uber-geeks who bothered to play with it, Facebook and Twitter took ownership of the masses, building hooks into every life, desktop and application.

Google+, currently in invite-only beta, is designed to destroy those awful Wave memories. Google+ is clean. It’s smart. It has widgety Circles that you can waste hours creating and deleting again. And it will, in the coming months, attach itself like a limpet to every other Google service you use (including Picasa Web Albums and Google Search).

Armed with a rare invite, we’ve spent a day thrashing Google+ to within a few miles of its life. And our verdict? Google+ may just be good enough to make you go hunting for the Delete section of your Facebook or Twitter account – if, repeat if, the search giant continues to tweak the beta, and opens the toy soon to more users.

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Farmville !! Just a Waste !!

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‘Farmville.. Just a waste ‘

I am sure that all the Farmville lovers will be against this post.. but this is true.. indeed I m a Farmville player and I too oppose it.. but if we  see this point with the some  seriousness then I may say that it’s absolutely correct..

Ya it’s true.. we waste so much time on this game !!.. but what we get in return ??.. nothing !!
And looking to the point Zynga ( the maker of Farmville ) is holding revenue of more than $850 Million !!
That’s truly shocking !! and reportedly zynga is valued at $20 billion !!  and owing only 2000 employes..

We spend som much time on game and what we get in return ?? just a good-looking farm.. so that we can show off..

The Science Behind People Wasting Time And Money On Farmville

Not only this.. you will be shock to read the below story !! and for sake.. i have given top 10 reasons to leave farmville.. so check them out.. and please share the post ..

Here is a shocking story about a family who lost there savings… and didnt got it back

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2012 Olympics could increase human trafficking

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Human trafficking may increase during the 2012 Olympic Games in London because of a heightened demand for sexual services and cheap labour, warn anti-trafficking campaigners.
Bex Keer of Stop the Traffik said: “There is always talk around any big sporting event of how it increases the demand for trafficking victims, whether that’s for sexual exploitation, forced labour or street begging and crime.”
Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper led the charge in calling on the Government to opt in to the EU directive on human trafficking. Conservatives and Liberal Democrats committed to tackling human trafficking in the May 2010 Coalition agreement. They then decided against opting in and Prime Minister David Cameron insisted: “We have put everything that is in the directive in place.”

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“Bye bye, pervert!” Weiner resigns

Less than three weeks after a sexting scandal put Congressman Anthony Weiner on a whirlwind path on frontpages from coast to coast, the New York lawmaker has resigned.
Weiner’s resignation today came only less than a month after the politician began making headlines over a trivial yet taboo series of tweets.
And as Weiner took to a Brooklyn meeting room this afternoon to formally resign hours after the conference was scheduled, he was jeered and heckled at by a packed house in his home district. Most jarring perhaps was an audible outbreak of “bye bye, pervert!”belted from the crowd.

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