Cash Account

Here is a trick for getting 65 cash in a fake account.. u can use this cash to gift stuffs to main id

1. Make a dummy. (important) means a new facebook account without opening farm or farmville application

2. pop this link into address bar then click both “allows”(fv and mail) then close the tab pop it in address bar again. dont allow fv to be open stop it while loading

3. Then stop your browser from loading farm click on “x” the page will stop loading. (important)

4. Then pop these links into address bar..!! n reapet one link 5 times by refreshing it plzz do it otherwise you will not gain cash all the three links you have to repeat 5 times other two links are:-

5. n paste into addres bar then rfresh it 5 times

6. copy n paste into addres bar then rfresh it 5 times and do not allow the farm to load ……… means to open………

now load your farm you will start dummy with 65 farm cash after doing all three steps

5. this give you a cherry tree,cow and 4 hay bales(good for Spoiled ribbon) plzz open it n when you open your giftbox it wll be only four so you nedd 5 for gain ribbon to gain 1 more haybel refresh this link one more time
6. Refrsh Farm recieve “High Roller” yellow Ribbon (50 xp 50 coins.”Not Spoiled Gifted” Ribbon (10 XP 1000 coins) 2 hay bales your now level 3.
7. Lay 5 Hay bales & recieve “Pack Rat” Ribbon “baled Out ribbon (25 XP 500 coins) You are now level 4 SmileSmile)Smile


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