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Sand Castle Arrives !!

Have you been wondering what those Beach Balls were for? Well, to put in your FarmVille Sand Castle of course! FarmVille reminds us that “Life is Beachy” and you can now create an endless summer on your farm. In case your farm’s terrain needs a makeover, you can also purchase a beach landscape in the FarmVille Market for 1,000 Farm Coins.

The FarmVille Summer collection event kicks off with the Sand Castle that is now slowly rolling out to farmers. If you don’t have it yet, you soon will so hold tight. After the update is made available on your farm, you will be greeted with a pop-up notification (as seen above) and will then enter into Placement Mode. You can choose to place your Sand Castle immediately or put it away for safekeeping in your FarmVille Gift Box until you’ve cleared enough room to place it.

Building your Sand Castle

The Sand Castle is a dual purpose “building” that not only looks great on your farm when completed, but also serves as a “collection basket” for your Beach Toy items. To build your Sand Castle simply fill it with beach toys.

You’ll be using those Beach Balls and other beach toys such as the Crab, Pail, Spade, and Sunglasses to fill up your Sand Castle and later redeem for special exclusive prizes (see below).

The Sand Castle has a total of six stages. At each new phase, the Sand Castle changes appearance becoming larger and more grand as you fill it with your beach toy Summer Collection items.

Collecting Beach Toys

There are several ways for you to collect Beach Toys including:

  • Send and Receive as free gifts from the FarmVille Gifting Page.
  • Using the “Ask for More” option when clicking on your Sand Castle.
  • Collect from the Facebook News Feed.
  • Craft Beach Toys in your Craftshop.
  • Purchase directly with Farm Cash.
    FarmVille Pair of Sunglasses Giftable
    FarmVille Spade Giftable
    FarmVille Crab Giftable
    FarmVille Pail Giftable
    FarmVille Beach Ball Giftable

    The cost of  direct purchase for 5 Beach Toys in the FarmVille Market is 5 Farm Cash per pack.

FarmVille 5 Pack of Beach – 5 Farm Cash

  • FarmVille 5 Pack of Beach

    When you are all done collecting Beach Toys or when you reach a milestone for a redemption prize, you will be able to trade them in for special exclusive prizes that are obtainable only through the the Sand Castle. These redemption prizes are not featured in the FarmVille Market.

    FarmVille Sand Castle Prizes & Required Beach Toys

    • FarmVille Umbrella – 5 Beach Toys
    • FarmVille Chair – 10 Beach Toys
    • FarmVille Beach Hut – 35 Beach Toys
    • FarmVille Poolside Pig – 75 Beach Toys
    • FarmVille Scuba Sheep – 100 Beach Toys
    • FarmVille Lifeguard Tower – 150 Beach Toys
    FarmVille Freak Sand Castle Information
    FarmVille Umbrella
    FarmVille Chair
    FarmVille Beach Hut
    FarmVille Poolside Pig
    FarmVille Scuba Sheep
    FarmVille Lifeguard Tower


New Releases !! Mexican Theme

Zynga has added in some extra items to glitter up the mexico theme !! For next 13 days you can bring Charro Horse, Lucha Libre Pig, Sour Sop Tree, Sartre Guava Tree, Mexican restaurant, Charro Gnome , Chicken Itza and many more stuffs.. here are the prices and pics for them.. so go check out the market !!


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