FV Bot tutorial

Hello again..

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Since there are many people who want to learn to use bot… so i m giving a simple tutorial on it..

First of all i would like to tell about Bot
Bot is a Software/Program which do the manual work like harvesting crops..animals..trees.. and it also ferilize the neighbours crop

Farmville bot comes with Plugins .. plugins are the the programmed to perform variious tasks and many other glitches

Now u need to download the Farmville bot .. to download clikc here .. Download 

Now you also need to download parser settings.. parser are the latest setting and mods made to the bot.. click here  Download

Now Install the Bot..

Now extract the folder Praser setting folder..bcoz its zipped.. you can use winzip or any other program

Now open the Parser folder.. and now copy the contents to Localdisk (C:) > Program files > Farmville bot

And paste it there … u will get a pop up for overwritting.. overwrite it.. and then run the bot from the shortcut on the desktop

Now etnert you Login id of faceboo and then enter your password..

Now click on run….

And wait for cycles to finish..

I think this is enough for today .. I will tell you about plugins tommorow

So try this and give a feedback


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