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Let’s be honest: we hated Google Wave. If we’re really, really honest, we didn’t even understand Wave. No-one did.

Deep down, most people unlucky enough to access Google’s first stab at a Facebook-stomping killer social network didn’t know what the hell it was for. And even if they did, they had no idea how to use it. When it didn’t freeze your browser into an immovable slab of ice, that is.

And while Wave befuddled the few uber-geeks who bothered to play with it, Facebook and Twitter took ownership of the masses, building hooks into every life, desktop and application.

Google+, currently in invite-only beta, is designed to destroy those awful Wave memories. Google+ is clean. It’s smart. It has widgety Circles that you can waste hours creating and deleting again. And it will, in the coming months, attach itself like a limpet to every other Google service you use (including Picasa Web Albums and Google Search).

Armed with a rare invite, we’ve spent a day thrashing Google+ to within a few miles of its life. And our verdict? Google+ may just be good enough to make you go hunting for the Delete section of your Facebook or Twitter account – if, repeat if, the search giant continues to tweak the beta, and opens the toy soon to more users.

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PlayStation 4 ?? official news…

PlayStation 4 may see release in 2012

The rumor mill is running again with a source saying Sony is set to release the PlayStation 4 come 2012.

The PlayStation 3 successor will apparently, according to Digi Times, be worked on from Taiwan-based partners of Sony. It’ll supposedly include Kinect-like motion controls upon a 2012 launch. Also, an expected minimum of 20 million consoles is the target for the consoles launch.

The manufacturers of the PlayStation 3, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, are believed to be the company involved in developing the actual console itself.

Although Sony have stated on multiple occasions that they expect the PlayStation 3 to complete and perhaps even exceed its projected 10 year life cycle, it’s hard to contemplate the rumor may have any validation. In addition to Sony’s PS3 expectations regarding its life cycle, the company is also gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation Portable’s successor, the PlayStation Vita. However, the PS4, either way, should have been in development or at least in concept stages as soon as the PS3 was released; Sony, however, will obviously remained tight lipped on the matter for the PS3′s unannounced successor.

This Wreck Was Very, Very Expensive

Driver Damages Cars Worth More Than $1 Million

Catastrophe in Monte Carlo involved 5 supercars

A very, very expensice car accident in Monte Carlo (Small World News Service).

Car accidents are never fun and often expensive. In certain parts of the world, accidents can push expenses into the stratosphere, and Monte Carlo has reportedly just played host to such a fender bender. A woman was driving a Bentley Azure near the Monte Carlo Casino when she doubled-down on a nearby Mercedes-Benz S-Class. That scrape led to the Azure meeting a Ferrari 430, Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche 911.

For the drooling bodyshop owners reading along, the UK’s Daily Mail notes this collision involves over a million dollars worth of machinery. Total damage estimates are reportedly much more modest, however, somewhere in the neighborhood of $65,000, but judging by some of the pictures we’ve seen, such estimates seems laughably low.

Adding insult to injury? The driver and passengers of the Bentley droptop couldn’t get out of their car. Hundreds of tourists snapped photos of the carnage while the occupants of the Azure could only sit and smile for the cameras.

See more pictures of the accident below:

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Chevy Camaro for $5.28 !!!

Ya Its true !!!

Penny auction sites like QuiBids or Beezid that advertise $18 iPads and $15 laptops sound too good to be true, and some simple math shows that the sites end up winning big in the end. That isn’t always the case, though – at least not when it comes to pony cars. CNN reports that Jonathan Mason of Michigan purchased a brand-new Bumblebee yellow Chevrolet Camaro SS for only $5.28 using the site

Amazing, right? Well, before you trip over your mouse on the way to the site, keep in mind that each bid of one penny costs 80 actual cents, and there were a total of 528 bids. Mason’s Camaro only cost him $5.28 plus the cost of any bids, but the site collected $422.40 in overall bids. That’s a far cry from a $31,000 Camaro, but keep in mind that Fast Penny Cars is a newer site, without a big following like QuiBids. On QuiBids, an iPod Touch will sell for $10, or 1,000 bids at 60 cents each, which is quite a deal for the website. Well, that was the case until this story broke. is now so backed up with traffic, we couldn’t even get to the homepage.

Hit the jump to watch as CNN explains how a Camaro can be purchased for $5.28. Mr. Mason may have gotten the deal of a lifetime, but we’re guessing the next guy won’t be so lucky.

Facebook + Skype = ???

Putting an end to all sorts of speculation, Facebook has finally unveiled its much-hyped “awesome” feature – video chat service! Addressing a press event in at the Silicon Valley headquarters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the video chat would be powered by Skype and that the users could video chat with the people in their friend list. The major announcement comes days after Zuckerberg talked about “something awesome” to be incorporated in Facebook. Speculations ran rife after Zuckerger’s “awesome” teaser as the tech world made a range of predictions for that.

Facebook has reworked on its chat segment to make space for video calling. To launch the video chat, Facebook users will need a camera-equipped computer. Then they need to select the friend they want to video chat. As the chat window pops up, click on the small blue video icon. This will bring up the video chat feature. The first time users will be prompted to download an .exe file to install the setup for the video chat. After installation, the user is all set for the face-to-face chat.

Facebook video call feature is apparently a great push for Skype, which will be soon taken over by Microsoft. Facebook’s major announcement comes in the backdrop of escalating competition in Internet market, especially in social networking segment. Google made its fresh foray into social networking platform with Google plus, which is already has video chat feature. In additions, sites such as Twitter are becoming increasingly popular. Facebook hopes the new feature will prompt the user to stay on the website.

The video call feature is a welcome addition but certainly not a new thing for the users who already have their hands on Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Skype. The new update seems more like a response to Google, which is making all out efforts to promote Google plus. Google’s new social networking site has similar features like Facebook. However, Google has managed to create ample interest with its video chat function.

With Facebook stressing on the number game (nearly 750 million users), it will be really interesting to see how its rivals deal with the new maneuver!

Farmville !! Just a Waste !!

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‘Farmville.. Just a waste ‘

I am sure that all the Farmville lovers will be against this post.. but this is true.. indeed I m a Farmville player and I too oppose it.. but if we  see this point with the some  seriousness then I may say that it’s absolutely correct..

Ya it’s true.. we waste so much time on this game !!.. but what we get in return ??.. nothing !!
And looking to the point Zynga ( the maker of Farmville ) is holding revenue of more than $850 Million !!
That’s truly shocking !! and reportedly zynga is valued at $20 billion !!  and owing only 2000 employes..

We spend som much time on game and what we get in return ?? just a good-looking farm.. so that we can show off..

The Science Behind People Wasting Time And Money On Farmville

Not only this.. you will be shock to read the below story !! and for sake.. i have given top 10 reasons to leave farmville.. so check them out.. and please share the post ..

Here is a shocking story about a family who lost there savings… and didnt got it back

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Top 10 ways to get Fired…

Top 10 Ways to Get Fired

Most people start their jobs with the best of intentions, never thinking they could be fired. After all, that’s a fate reserved primarily for incompetents and workers caught with their hand in the company till, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how slippery the slope out the door can be.

To guard your job security, be sure to avoid the 10 common pitfalls on this checklist from Jennifer Star, a New York City-based corporate recruiter and trainer:

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